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Доспех кирасирский в 3/4, Аугсбург, примерно 1620-1625 годы изготовления. Габарит брони 1778 × 711 × 584 мм (70 × 28 × 23 in.), вес 21,34 кг (47 lb. 1 oz.). Из собрания Worcester Art Museum, инв. № 2014.1135
П.С. Специально для тех, кто любит порассуждать об "ориентализации" именно русского войска:
The helmet on this armor was called a zischägge, and was based on a Turkish helmet style called the chichak. Armor styles in the German-speaking part of Europe were heavily influenced by Turkish types in the 1600s, reflecting the importance of the Ottoman Empire in eastern Europe. Most of the rivets are purely decorative, an elaboration of the extensive use of structural rivets on earlier armors.

Tags: 15-17 век, Доспех, Средневековье, Трехчетвертной, кавалерия

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