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Савойский шлемак

Очередной (ну нравятся они мне) шлем типа "савойярд" (савойский). Так же известный как Todenkopf, или cat faced helmet. Италия, около 1620 года. Высота шлема 253 мм, ширина 220 мм, глубина 240 мм, вес 4,02 кг. Обратите внимание на зарубки на козырьке. Из коллекции The Fitzwilliam Museum. Инвентарник HEN.M.75-1933

П.С. Можете ознакомиться с оригинальным музейным описанием. Мне переводить лень сегодня)))

Close helmet, of 'Todenkopf' form, for siege use. Formed of a skull with an integral neck-defence and a peak, and an upper bevor and a bevor with an integral neck-defence attached to it by common pivots. The rounded skull is made in two halves joined medially along a riveted overlap that is formed as a low, broad rib. Its arched face opening projects downwards as a deep cusp at its centre. Its lower edge is flanged outwards to form a rounded integral neck-defence. The pivots that retain the peak, upper bevor and bevor take the form of sturdy rivets with large rounded heads. The peak is arched over each eye and plunges down to an acute point to the level of the bottom of the nose. The medially-ridged upper bevor has two large, semi-circular cut-outs at its upper edge, forming apertures for the eyes. It is pierced with a shallow, chevron-shaped ventilation slot over the mouth, and ten circular ventilation-holes over the nose. A sturdy mushroom-shaped lifting peg is riveted at the right of the mouth. The medially-ridged bevor has a deep U-shaped face-opening bordered by externally-flush lining-rivets. Its lower edge is flanged outwards to form an obtusely-pointed neck-defence which is incomplete at its outer corners. The main edges of the peak and the front and rear neck-defences have plain inward turns accompanied by recessed borders. The borders of the neck-defences contain externally-flush lining-rivets. The secondary edges of the helmet are bevelled.
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